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Rimini Rimini Situated in the heart of Italy and well connected to the main European cities, Rimini is the emblem of variegated tourism, the ideal place for a vivid holiday. Both ancient and modern, popular and cultured, spectacular and craft, this city was widely sung and immortalized by Federico Fellini, the eminent Master of Italian cinema who wisely exported her legend making a myth of Rimini all over the world.
San Marino San Marino It only takes 750 meters height to be abroad, into the most ancient and tiniest Sovereign State of the world which has managed to keep his freedom and independence for centuries. The profiles of its three Towers (Guaita, Cesta and Montale) standing out against Titano Mountain are the symbol of this ancient Republic, a Place boasting a remarkable history and a philatelic and numismatic tradition, very much appreciated all over the world.
San Leo San Leo The historical Capital of Montefeltro is situated in the heart of Valmarecchia, on a 600 meters high hill. Besides the Fortress, the Parish Church and the Cathedral, San Leo is also famous for the “alchemist” Count Cagliostro, a mysterious and fascinating character who was imprisoned into the Fortress where he died in 1795.
Gradara Gradara It’s the classical old town surrounded by long walls and dominated by a striking impressive castle, a magnificent example of military architecture perfectly matching with the medieval town center. The Fortress, finished by the Malatestas between the 1307 and 1325, has been restored several times in the last centuries. According to a local legend, the Castle of Gradara was the unfortunate scenario of the world wide famous Paolo and Francesca love tragedy. A story even sung by Dante in his Divina Commedia: “La bocca mi baciò tutta tremante…” (She kissed my mouth in a deep tremble)
Santarcangelo Santarcangelo A door on the past, a special town, a pearl in the heart of poets’ Valmarecchia: that is Santarcangelo! This is the place where the poets of the “Circal de giudeizi” meet with their leader Tonino Guerra. Here you can’t miss the Malatesta Fortress, the Cappuccini Convent, the nineteenth-century fish market, the Arch and the Square dedicated to pope Ganganelli, the “mysterious” tufaceous Caves and the craft shops of wrought iron and canvas rust print.
Montefiore Montefiore The dominating Malatestian Fortress of Montefiore, typical outstanding example of fortified summer residence of the Lords of the period, stands out from the other monuments of Valconca. You just can’t miss Curina Door, incorporated in the walls, the fourteenth-century well inside the courtyard and the frescos, the exhibition of contemporary art and the paleontological collection.
Saludecio Saludecio The whole urban structure among which Marina Door and Montanara Door stand out is remarkable, and the Malatestian bastion Walls surrounding the historical Medieval city-heart and the inner streets -overlooked by the ancient buildings are wonderful. It is a pity to miss the two most important summer meetings: the “Salus Erbe” for wellness and healthy nutrition lovers, and the “Ottocento Festival”.
Torriana Torriana You can get to Torriana passing through Poggioberni. Here the two Towers stand out from the rope overlooking the town standing in the low Valmarecchia. One only way starting from Torriana will take you to the Medieval village of Montebello and to his wonderful Fortress.
Le Navi Parco Le Navi All the world seas into a unique scenario: the mysterious universe of sharks, the emotion of meeting the Sovereigns of the Abyss, the submarine laboratory, the 3D movie “Invisible Ocean”, the Exhibition of Poisons and much much more for an unforgettable day.

Italia in miniatura Italia in miniatura A Theme Park dedicated to the historical, architectonical and cultural Italian heritage. This Park has been realized through a peculiar mixture of ingredients which make it stand out from any other park melting entertainment with learning.

Imax IMAXThis is what is called the most spectacular and involving film experience ever offered to the world. A maxi screen 600 meters high, as high as a 7 floors building, will let you live extra-large emotions. IMAX is the Cinema as you’ve never seen it before.

Oltremare Oltremare This is the new Sea Park overlooking Riccione hill: a tribute to the Planet and to our sea where entertainment also stands for a rich and learning everlasting experience.

Aquafan Aquafan Everlasting emotions will be offered to an amazed audience. Nothing but amusing water slides, water games surrounded by luxuriant green gardens, entertainment moments, great shows and special events.

Fiabilandia Fiabilandia This is the Realm of Children par excellence, the Fun Fair where reality gives place to dreams, the ideal place to spend a special day of pure fun surrounded by nature. Wide green spaces and over thirty attractions and funny live shows.
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Rimini and its history

Tempio Malatestiano
tempio malatestiano
Ponte di Tiberio
ponte di tiberio
Castello Malatestiano
castello malatestiano
Rimini has an ancient heart. After 2000 years was discovered Europe's oldest archaeological site dating back to the first century. B.C. "The Surgeon's House"
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